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Grateful Dead Live at Frost Amphitheatre on 1989-05-06

Topics Live concert

Jack Straw, Peggy-O, Walkin' Blues, They Love Each Other, The Race is On, West L.A. Fadeaway, A Little Light, Queen Jane Approximately, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider Let The Good Times Roll, Hey Pocky Way, Samson & Delilah, Ship of Fools, Playin' In The Band-> Eyes Of The World-> Drums-> Jam-> I Will Take You Home, The Wheel-> I Need A Miracle-> Wharf Rat-> Around & Around-> Not Fade Away, E: Black Muddy River

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Frost Amphitheatre
Location Palo Alto, CA

Source DSBD


DSBD, with some editing (see notes in info file); via Jay Serafin to gdlive


Reviewer: doug_the_dude - - April 30, 2014
Subject: --
a finely-played show - no jaw-dropping hysteria-rock-fireworks here but everything falls into a nice pattern early - for '89 you can do much worse. The board sounds a little choked at first, with the vocals a little too high, but it finds a nice balance early on enough.

Some highlights -
*Walkin' Blues is played just.....a.....little....tooo.....slooooowwwww....ordinarily you might accuse the band of falling asleep, but they know what they're doing here - love it when they so deliberately slow up the tempo -
*Ship of Fools is one of those tunes that I always just sort of tolerated - it's a pleasant tune, but never, *ever* really emerged as a very emotional experience for me musically. This version, however, is notable; Garcia has a pretty searing solo midway through...
*The Main Ten out of Playin' is absolutely, poignantly beautiful - its a short jam, just around four minutes or so, but sometimes that's all we need.
*Wharf Rat is *perfectly* played, and Garcia's solo positively RIPS.
Reviewer: swampRatchild - - February 12, 2012
Subject: black muddy river
good sound.worth downloading.
Reviewer: dark.starz - - February 24, 2011
Subject: Samson: Godzilla vs Gumby!
What a fabulous afternoon this was, beautiful day, Jerry and the boy's were in fine form and really enjoying themselves at this wonderful little park nestled on a slight hillside amongst the Eucalyptus Grove which is The Frost Amphitheatre in Palo Alto, California.

I'll never forget the Second set peaking during Samson when the Godzilla vs. Gumby battle erupted between Jerry and Brent down front, stage left.

Ah yes, the old good days. What a great video this day would have made.
Reviewer: Joshua_me - - February 24, 2011
Subject: Umm...
Are the channels reversed, or what ?

This show is so sweet, yet SO MELLOW.....
Reviewer: GarciaGrateful - - February 24, 2011
Subject: Sound Quality
This is some seriously epic sound quality, folks. As for the people who think this show has bad sound quality: I'm not sure what show you're listening to, but it sure isn't this one.
Reviewer: WharfRatDude - - May 6, 2010
Subject: Brents songs historical
What is so historical about Brent's two songs here. Just a Little Light is a nice song, good flavor to it. I Will Take You Home was great on the album but was quite boring out of space. 1989 was a good energy year I saw some good shows this year. Brent finally broke through, I never really enjoyed him until after 1987. His songs were weak and his tinkle piano drove me nuts.
Reviewer: Padjdaddy - - May 29, 2009
Subject: Definitely good sound at 89
Jamin Jerome my brother - you must put the glass piece down give this one another listen. Brent songs are historical and the sound here is solid. 89-90 was a great time to tour and get yer Eyes of the world on!
Reviewer: Dylan M - - February 23, 2008
Subject: Bomb setlist
Say what you will about the energy, i think that these summer 89' shows are incredibly high considering most of the band is in their mid to late 40s and bringing it together tight. I feel that Jerry was giving way more in 89 than in the two previous years.

Either way, the setlist is killer, Race is On, Queen Jane, Good Times Roll, Pocky Way, Muddy River. For an 89' setlist, bomb as hell.
Reviewer: Slammy - - December 8, 2007
Subject: Solid show
I think this is a solid show. Not a 10 but those are hard to come by anyway. I think the energy is pretty good. Have you listened to any shows after 91? Now THAT'S No Energy baby. This is definitely worth a listen.
Reviewer: JamminJerome - - November 13, 2007
Subject: weak sauce
Let's be honest here: what's there to like about this show? Jerry's voice is really muddy and the energy level is really low. Bob screaming on Around and Around made me wish for earplugs. There are two crappy Brent songs "A Little Light" and "I Will Take You Home." There's so much better in this very rich year, don't waste your time with this one.

Two stars (I've heard worse and there were a few moments where I was OK with the show)
Reviewer: LifeChange - - June 10, 2007
Subject: Good Sound but Mellow Show
The sound is a 10, The show is a 7 at the Very best. I almost fell asleep during West LA. The boys are trying Very hard. For me, even though the sounds is great, its just way tooooo mellooooooow for me.
Reviewer: majordomo - - November 10, 2006
Subject: frosted freaks
i've had the first set board since 1989 and always was eager to hear the second set. first set is lovely in places.... in disagreement with the consensus the china rider is quite average. the second set disappoints--the samson lacks real punch, the playin fails to explore the formlessness for which it can be an amazing vehicle, the eyes of the world could use a bit more bounce, the need a miracle--despite weirs effort to give it a vocal charge muddles through the usual awkward changes and occasional flat out CLAM. wharf rat, although heroic in the usual spots seems perfunctory. nice sounding source though and black muddy river---although lyrically finding hunter revisiting VERY familiar themes is probably--along with standing on the moon---the last great hunter/garcia collaboration.
Reviewer: dmilks - - October 3, 2005
Subject: 5-6-89
Top notch sound here!
Reviewer: njmikeb - - July 29, 2005
Subject: Yes 5-6-89 is smokin'
Download this one ASAP.
While your at it download 5-7-89 also
The setlists were amazing.
The boys were all in perfect form & the sound quality is, Yes, Amazing.
Reviewer: Grapefruit Fred - - May 6, 2005
Subject: Ship O'Fools
I am trying to get thru another Friday at work. I stream this show based on a recommendation from Dead Base. The first set starts out smooth enough, Peggy-O sounds sweet and leads on thru TLEO, The Race is On (one of my favorites),Queen Jane and finishes with a nice China/Rider. I'm thinkin' how glad I am that I pulled this one out for a listen, but also thinkin' it can't get any better right? WRONG!!!!!!
Next thing I know I am getting stares from my co-workers as I jam out to Good Times and a great Pocky Way. After a tight Samson they start easing into something I don't recognize at first, but then discover is Ship of Fools. It sounds so different. At the end I have to hit repeat to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. Again, at the end I hit repeat and this time slip on a set of head phones from my desk, so that I can hear every detail with out distraction. I then proceed to listen to it 3 more times. I think this may be the tastiest I've ever heard. I won't be sure until I listen a few more times. The set winds down with a sweet Wheel and the show closes with a real nice BMR. This show rocks from beginning to end, but the killer Fools seals the deal. Listen for this if for no other reason.

Enjoy!!! I know I sure did!!
Reviewer: bigboypeete - - April 28, 2005
Subject: splindiverous
great stuff, playin is top of the line sound is great
Reviewer: MindBender65 - - February 18, 2005
Subject: Damn!
This show absolutely rocks! The songs are great, and the sound quality is amazing. Not Fade Away is HUGE!!! Stop reading and start downloading! Worthy of 6 stars
Reviewer: hippe - - August 25, 2004
Subject: download now!!!!
what a wonderful show. sound quality is stupendous. one of the only shows that i do not have to fiddle w/ the EQ on my ipod to make it sound just right. i am listening to it as i write this review. i was 16 at the time and unfortunately unable to get in, but the parking lot raged . vans, cars, and buses were blasting the radio broadcast across the entire lot. from start to finish this show rocked. china> rider 1st set closer sparkled. i'm a Brent fan due to my love of the organ. brent's Jusalittlelight was on fire except for one lyric flub. hey pockey still makes me get up and move around when i here it. bottom line 5 stars is right on target. 26 songs 2.7 hours in the late 80s........need i say more.
Reviewer: lpenoza - - July 30, 2004
Subject: Great '89
Fantastic sounding recording of a well-played show! It was lovely day at the Frost, very relaxed "family" kind of audience - lots of old friends right in the heart of where it all began. Felt like a big backyard party. That vibe reached all the way around the stage and the Dead gave us the goods. Nice long sets of great material - Excellent TLEO and The Race is On! China->Rider to round out the first set! Yum!
Highly recommended.
Reviewer: johnnyg3 - - July 24, 2004
Subject: Dank Sound
I was not at this show but I remember getting the tape that week. It was Derby weekend. China>Rider to close 1st set?? WTF??? I cannot imagine anyone walking away disappointed at this. And this copy is just sick. Just the Grateful Dead doing what they do best. I know I am in the minority but I love Black Muddy River.
Reviewer: rockitman - - July 17, 2004
Subject: Sound Quality King!!!
It could be argued that the sound boards from this run set the reference standard for sonic quality and dynamics. What a joy to listen to loud on a high end stereo. Oh ya, the show is well played. :-)
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